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No more excuses. Wear want you want, think how you want, and act how you want. Be the authentic you and the creative you, because there is no right or wrong way to just “be” you. ~ Susan Vernicek

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Since Susan launched her first online Identity Magazine issue in 2006, she has been frequently asked if the online magazine was going to go to print. She had no intention of making Identity into a hardcopy magazine. She did, however, want a way to save all of the content, and offer a solution for the women who could not get to the computer to read Identity. Discussing all these ideas on a car ride with her boyfriend, gave her the ‘Ah–ha’ Magbook idea.

Identity’s content is positive, inspiring, funny, and interactive. “I suggest you Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.™ and while you’re doing that, embrace your not–so–perfect ways to be able to love yourself! I’ve tried to make the Magbook unique, real, fun, and interactive so that it will engage your mind, body, and spirit and push you outside of your comfort zone,” says Susan.

You can read the Magbook from beginning to end, or middle to end, or from the end to beginning, but Identity’s goal is to help you Feel Beautiful Everyday!™

Take a peek of the very first few pages…IdentitybookPG3-4

Or purchase the Identity Magbook from Identity, Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Books-A-Million


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