Embrace your true Identity...

No more excuses. Wear want you want, think how you want, and act how you want. Be the authentic you and the creative you, because there is no right or wrong way to just “be” you. ~ Susan Vernicek

Get Energized with Susan

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From live workshops to radio and TV, to books and print, Susan is spreading her message throughout the world. You can find her tips quoted in books published by Bright Street Books, Reinvention Press, and Harper Collins, watch her appearances on affiliates of ABC & NBC news, as well as read her articles on countless websites and newspapers.

Discover Happiness + Confidence = An Infused Energetic Identity

Discover your souls pure happiness without comparing it to a friend, a colleague, a family member, or even your vomiting-out-the-mouth happy Facebook Friend.

Capture your happiness— as you define it, acknowledge it, and use these tools towards your personal success in achieving overall bliss—an infused energetic identity.

Getting All A’s in the Workplace and Beyond

Our Identity 5 signature workshop is catered for women and includes a journal for the workshop that day and a copy of the Identity Magbook for each employee/member/partipant to take home. The Identity Magbook is part magazine, part book and includes an interactive journal throughout the chapters.

Getting All A’s in the Game of Life…In and Outside of the Classroom

This workshop is catered for your female students and includes a journal for the workshop that day. It’s a safe and non-judgmental workshop where we provide the opportunity for your students to speak highly themselves.

Think and Act Like an Entrepreneur (can be co-ed)

This workshop is targeted for all students.  Susan challenges the students to think and act like an entrepreneur.  We discuss facts and myths then we dive into an interactive activity where they will create their own company, including a company name and the first steps to take to get it off the ground. This provides a fun, creative exercise for students and allows them to play and think outside the box.

Your Money Vision – Discover your money relationship

Whether you’re already involved, on a break or have broken up with your money, it’s time to discover or reinvent your money vision and build that money relationship you desire.

Your Money Vision workshop will allow you to create your income vision and will gain clarity of what your money means to you. With that clarity you gain, you will then create your money vision with a hands on project.

It’s time to use this opportunity to discover your money relationship for overall clarity and happiness.

Laser Focus Mastermind Sessions (You + Susan = Your Identity Energized = Confidence & Success!)

$279 – One (1) 90 Minutes (in person, phone, Skype)

$200/month (3 month contract) – Two (2) 90 minute meetings per month (in person, phone, Skype/Zoom) with unlimited email and phone access. A total of six (6) session over Three (3) months

Small Groups (under 25 participates)

Contact Susan for a quote geared for a small group of women/teens, etc.


Contact Susan to be your brand ambassador!

To book Susan as a part of your lecture series, corporate event, workshop, entertainment or any other event that needs a powerful and uplifting personality, call (973) 910-1MAG or email: Susan@identitymagazine.net

Please contact us for further information on potential partnership with the tour and any other custom campaigns, sponsored editorial content, Twitter parties, contests, etc.

Example Campaign:
– One blog post a month
– One Twitter chat
– One tweet per week
– One Facebook post per week
– One e-mail blast
* Retainer includes one radio & TV appearance if booked by brands publicity department.

For more information about advertising on identitymagazine.net, please email advertising@identitymagazine.net or call (973) 910-1MAG (1624).


The best way to describe Susan is that she is a go getter! Her drive and passion is unbelievable! She is such a hard working woman, and in a lot of ways, I look up to her. Everything is looked at in a positive way through her eyes. There are no barriers and every “block” in the road just gives her more drive to push through it. I have had the honor of working with her for the online magazine and now with the Identity 5 Tour, so I’ve been able to see how Susan makes every idea that pops into her head HAPPEN! She took her time to train me at the pace I needed because I have never been very good with computers. With her positive attitude and her patience, I became more confident every time I worked on the assignments she was giving me. Within 2 months of  working for Susan, I felt pro behind a computer! She’s an excellent mentor and I have learned so much already by only working for her for a few months. She has and continues to help me with my own business that I finally started! Because of Susan, I’m a firm believer that if you are positive and want something badly enough, it WILL happen. -Veronica Schoen

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