Confidence Slipped in a Split Second

Posted January 17th, 2014 by admin with No Comments

“Yea, You ARE Pear Shaped” the owners states as I am putting my clothes back on from this bridesmaid boutique.

Could you imagine hearing somebody say that to you?

Even if they didn’t say it intentionally, it gave me a quick flash back to all the times I was stuffing my face and regretting it. Ha-ha. In all seriousness, a woman did say these words to me and in that “OMG, you ARE a pear shape” tone.  Therefore, I feel compelled to share this experience with you.

I was on my way to Maryland to go dress shopping for my best friend’s wedding.  It was the quickest and easiest dress shopping experience I’ve been apart of yet. On the other hand, the getting measured part wasn’t all that easy and fun.

It was my turn to go in and get measured by the extremely friendly boutique owner. She was really friendly and it was a beautiful boutique. Anyway, she was measuring my chest and waist and states, “Wow, you are really tiny…” I laughed and said, “Wait until you get to my hips.” Now, I am allowed to say this about myself jokingly, but when she got to measuring my hips, she said, “YEA, you ARE pear shaped!”

Dun-didi-dunnnnn, my heart stopped and my confidence dropped in a split second. I know she didn’t intend to make me feel self-conscious, but she did.  I then felt slightly depressed and thought about the gym and what I needed to do right away.  I was trying to blow it off, but it was hard. It stuck with me for about two days and I just kept hearing her voice in that tone “Yea! You ARE pear shaped!”

To ease the pain, I joked around about it with my family and friends. We all laughed because it was kind of funny. But my point is that we really do need to watch what we say all together. Not only do we need to watch what we say, but we also have to work to stay strong so when something like this is said to us, we can blow it off or learn how to interpret it in a healthy way.

I wanted to share this with you to show you that it is an everyday challenge to be confident and that’s okay. I accept that, and I will take on the challenge to handle my emotions when somebody doesn’t think before they speak.

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